Intermediate Surf Coaching

Intermediate Surf Coaching

Surfing is one of those sports where an intermediate will often reach a plateau and  feel stuck and unable to make much progress. We find that certain surfing skills and surfing techniques cannot be learned through experience alone and everyone can benefit from additional coaching.

Having one of our senior instructors watch you surf can make a big difference. They will look for any bad surfing habits and work with you to overcome them. We find that certain surfing skills cannot be learned through experience alone and having a senior instructor demonstrate to you a technique can have a dramatic effect and produce quick results.

We always ensure we have enough instructors on hand to offer individual surf coaching within the group environment. If you feel you need more, we offer One to One surf lessons and coaching. Just you and a coach will travel to the beach with the best conditions for a complete assessment of your surfing ability and a chance to take your surfing to the next level. We recommend a two hour session to ensure progress and obtain maximum feedback from our instructor.

We also offer our popular ‘Improve Your Surfing Day’ with video analysis. This course is aimed at intermediate surfers that want to improve their surfing skills in a short space of time. The day includes video analysis, feedback, plenty of surfing and a chance to keep the footage for review.

With surfboards coming in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right surfing equipment can be a confusing issue. We have a range of boards to test and our instructors can offer you qualified advice on choosing the right gear.

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I learnt so much with you last week - first time I've been further out catching green waves - exactly what I needed.


Surf coaching on Croyde Beach





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