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Adaptive Surfing

Surf South West has been working closely with the Wave Project for the last 5 years and this relationship has allowed us to maximise the inclusivity of surfing at Croyde beach. 

Our team at Surf South West are extremely passionate about our work with the Wave Project and our instructors have undergone specialist training with Surfing England, Adaptive Surfing England and the Calvert Trust.

With huge amounts of enthusiasm and fundraising in the local area the North Devon Wave Project now have a purpose built adaptive surfboard. This Board combined with our team of specially trained instructors and volunteers has allowed us to offer inclusive surfing whilst maintaining safety as our main priority. 

We currently work with local schools, charities and individuals taking adults and young people surfing, this includes a wide range of physical disabilities and mental health or wellbeing conditions. With big plans to expand our ability to cater for all surfers, the future of inclusive surfing is extremely exciting.

Sessions can be organised as a group or as 1-2-1 sessions depending on individual or group requirements.

Getting in Touch

Please send us over your questions or queries through the contact form below. Alternatively, you can give us a call if you want to find out more about adaptive surfing with Surf South West.

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