Intermediate Surf Coaching with video analysis

Improve Your Surfing Day

Improve Your Surfing Day

If you want to improve your surfing,  this course will take your surfing to the next level with a day of intensive coaching under the watchful eye of our experienced senior instructors. Using a mix of video analysis, feedback and practical advice, this course offers a masterclass in surfing technique tailored to your skill level.


Video analysis has many applications in sport. Coaches and athletes continually use the medium to measure and correct technique. Observing technique and receiving feedback is vital in surfing for identifying and correcting problems with performance. It is especially useful for intermediate surfers who are catching unbroken waves but struggling to consistently make take-offs and perform basic manoeuvres on the wave face. If you are serious about improving your surfing, video analysis is a must.


All video analysis depends on the knowledge and experience of your coach. Being able to collect good footage, give in-depth feedback and an insight into your technical performance to help improve your surfing. At Surf South West, we have senior ISA Level 2 and Level 3 coaches and all have over a decade of surfing and coaching experience to help progression.


The day is suitable for one person or a small group of friends.


Course Details

Meet with instructor for briefing and goal setting

  • Transport to best local break on the day of session
  • Briefing and session breakdown on the beach
  • Water time and collection of video footage
  • Debrief with coach post surf.
  • Classroom analysis of video footage with coach
  • Transfer of video footage for you to keep


Course Duration


2 sessions morning and afternoon of 2 to 2 ½ hours duration including  a mix of surfing,  video analysis and feedback.


Course Cost per person


One surfer – £150

Two surfers – £120

Three surfers – £100

Four surfers – £90


Course Details


All surfers are required to be confident of paddling out back on a small to medium size waves and position themselves to catch waves. The number of waves caught is the responsibility of the surfer. Your coach will give you as many pointers on the beach before you enter the water but they will not be surfing with you.

For more information and to book your day please contact us here.

We both felt that the day was exactly what we needed - pitched at the right level and it was really instructive to see the video playback to see where we were going wrong - and sometimes right!

Jonno and Drew

Intermediate surf coaching on Croyde Beach





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