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Beau Performance

Beau Performance X Surf South West

Beau performance represents a combination of my passions for surfing and strength and conditioning. I created Beau Performance to offer a coaching experience which reflects my core values of respect, passion and creativity

These core values as a coach have been heavily influenced by my first coaching experience at Surf South West. Which is why I am so excited to be back, bringing my enhanced experience and knowledge to implement a private session programme.

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Beau is an ex-professional surfer and ex-Billabong team rider who has competed internationally for team GB. Having experienced high level training camps around the world, Beau began to appreciate the power of knowledge behind training & coaching in order to achieve your fullest potential.

This has inspired Beau to pursue his own career in coaching. Working with the British surf team and completing a degree in sports coaching health and fitness and graduating with a BSc 1st class honours degree in strength and conditioning.

Beau is coupling his first hand surfing experience with his strength and conditioning expertise, to provide a unique private surf session experience.

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